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SALERO Open House

13 June, 2007.
Sampo Hall, University of Art and Design Helsinki, Finland.

The aim of the international event "SALERO Open House" is to present interim results from the research done in SALERO and raise discussions about the innovativeness and creative processes in cross-media productions of the future. Will it be possible within the next ten years to mix characters and scenes created as 3D Computer Generated Imagery (3D CGI) for a 'TV series' / 'game' showing the hero riding down the city streets on a horse, with others from live action digital image capture shot in the mountains, so that the hero smoothly rides up the hill in the new production? Can we easily and cost effectively transform the TV version of a program, where there are two characters in a smoky interior lit with tracking spots, to a game where game-play requires the addition of more characters, so that the environment 'knows' how tracking spots, and the smoke effect should interact with the extra characters? Can a voice synthesis engine produce speech in different languages while all the other sound elements are automatically adapted accordingly?

Another question is in relation to production environments: which tools are needed to support the productions of the future? What will we gain from introducing semantic information? Will it help to retrieve content for productions more easily – given the sound of a galloping horse, find an image or a video of a galloping horse?

Complete realisation of SALERO’s vision is a long-term goal. We are at the first stage and want to show you interim results. The aim of the multidisciplinary conference is to foster discussion on the directions of media production research and media production itself.

We are looking forward to discussing with you the challenge of making the cross media-production of games, movies and broadcast content faster, better and cheaper!

Werner Haas
(coordinator of SALERO)


09:00 Opening (Philip Dean, University of Art and Design Helsinki)

09:10 Welcome (Yrjö Sotamaa, University of Art and Design Helsinki)

09:20 SALERO's Vision, Objectives and Results (Werner Haas, JOANNEUM RESEARCH)

09:40 Keynote: Avatars Bridging the Semantic Gap (Mirjam Eladhari, Department of Technology, Art and New Media at Gotland University in Sweden and School of Computing at the University of Teesside, UK)

10:20 Coffee

10:40 'Intelligent Content' and Reusable Media in Different Contexts (Carl Goodman, Pepper's Ghost Productions)

11:00 Genres in Media Production (Merja Nieminen, University of Art and Design Helsinki)

11:20 From Media Production towards Self-Producing Media
  • Current Advances in Multilingual Speech Synthesis (Carlos Monzo and Xavier Gonzalvo, Universitat Ramon Llull)
  • Speech and Linguistic Analysis (Charlie Cullen, Dublin Institute of Technology)
  • Character Animation (Marco Romeo, Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
  • Audio (Tools) in Automatic Media Production (Gunnar Holmberg, Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
12:30 Lunch

13:15 SALERO's Experimental Productions
  • Hack the Van (Geni de Vilar Font, Activa Multimedia)
  • Triage (Richard Hackett and Richard Smithies, Blitz Games)
  • Full House (Juhani Tenhunen, University of Art and Design Helsinki)
  • (Carl Goodman, Pepper’s Ghost Productions)
14:35 Coffee

14:50 Panel discussion

16:00 End of the Event

Open House - Revisited

Abstracts of the presentations

Mirjam Eladhari's photos from the event (from