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Commercial Presentations

AMBEX 2007 - The Annual Conference and Exhibition for All Professionals Working in Pre-Hospital, Urgent and Emergency Care
June 2007, Harrogate, United Kingdom
Flyer (pdf), Photo of Stand (jpg)

Advances in facial animation, production workflows and visual effects for video games supported by SALERO have been integrated into Triage Trainer, a prototype game showing work in progress to demonstrate the power of 3D games technology in engaging learners in training. It uses medical data from past UK mainland bombings to simulate the aftermath of a high street explosion and tests speed and accuracy of categorising casualties for treatment, known as Triage Sieve. Players must deal with highly realistic casualties showing distress and displaying medically accurate symptoms, which have been validated by doctors.

The UK Technology Strategy Board supported the development of the game as part of the R&D project Serious Games- Engaging Training Solutions.

Data gathered from the potential user community at AMBEX is being used to assess the effectiveness and usability of the game.
ITEC 2007 - Defence - Training - Simulation - Education
April 2007, Cologne, Germany
Flyer (pdf)

Advances in facial animation and production processes enabling re-use of video game assets and rapid creation of in game animated human figures supported by SALERO were demonstrated to an audience of senior European and US Military decision makers at ITEC 2007. Today’s generation of ‘gamers’ is a core part of the military and high-tech employee market and tomorrow’s recruits and game based training solutions offer solutions that motivate people to learn, achieve and reach their full potential.

An innovative partnership between global solutions provider VEGA Group plc and leading European games company Blitz Games, with UK universities and specialist industry consultants is creating robust training games, embedding validated training protocols with tracking and assessment tools while maintaining the engagement of an entertainment game. R&D carried out by the consortium is supported by the UK Technology Strategy Board.