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Full House – interactive TV political talk show Cross-media format

FULL HOUSE is an interactive political talk show for TV and cross media. The audience can influence to the TV show through Internet or mobile connections (SMS and 3G) and can find information about election candidates and ask questions etc. Both the candidates and the viewers get a FULL HOUSE character by answering the questionnaire. In the demo we have three archetype characters, the Reds, the Greens and the Blues.

In addition to being an entertaining show, FULL HOUSE is also a tool to help select the best matching candidate from, in some cases, thousands of candidates. Its aim is to make politics more transparent and discover the hidden agendas of politicians. The answers of the candidates can be seen and compared to the answers of the other candidates. The service is best suited for elections with plenty of candidates like parliamentary, EU and local elections.

In the Media Lab of University of Art and Design election engines (as we call them) have been researched and developed in two research projects: Election Star and IntelCities (Intelligent Cities FP6 IST)

The FULL HOUSE concept is part of an EU Commission funded research project, SALERO (Semantic Audiovisual Entertainment Reusable Objects).

SALERO aims to make cross media-production for games, movies and broadcast faster, better and cheaper by combining computer graphics, language technology, semantic web technologies as well as content based search and retrieval.

SALERO will define and develop 'intelligent content' for media production, consisting of multimedia objects with context-aware behaviours for self-adaptive use and delivery across different platforms. 'Intelligent Content' should enable the creation and re-use of complex, compelling media by artists who need to know little of the technical aspects of how the tools that they use actually work.

Full House Demo

Links & Downloads

Full House Website

High resolution version of the Full House demo video (86 MB, MPEG-4)