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Interactive Videojockey (i-VJ)

Interactive Videojockey (i-VJ) is the experimental production developed by Activa Multimèdia during the project.

Click here for a demo! (Internet Explorer required)

The production is a digital television broadcast over Internet TV. We understand Internet TV to be multimedia services that are distributed on “open” internet that is using the already existing structure, without any operator controlling the network. Internet TV is in line with two growing trends in digital content, making the TV experience more interactive and allowing for customization.

i-VJ (interactive Video Jockey) is an Internet TV music channel presented by an interactive virtual character and based on a 24/7 automatic broadcast and VoD (Video-on-Demand) services. The content of some sections can be customized by users.

This experimental production is an interactive service, so the structure is not linear. The main services are as follows:

  • My i-VJ: allows users to decide the virtual VJ’s appearance.
  • My Playlists: users can create their own playlists.
  • My News: users can activate music news headlines.
  • My Account: users can set up and manage their account.

Control: allows users to have the control of the video with the trick mode options
  • Play/pause
  • Go to next video
  • Go to previous video
  • Repeat video
  • Random

Play similar videos

Go to the list of songs

Add this video: allows users to insert the music video they are watching into a playlist.

Info: users can view additional information of the video.

Search: users can search music videos with a virtual keyboard.

There are currently two levels of content customization:
  • First level: users can prepare their own music video playlist and see the videos they want. They can also choose the music headlines they wish to see.
  • Second level: users can customize the channel presenter’s (virtual Video Jockey) appearance by choosing gender, hairstyle, clothes, accessories, etc.